25 Ways to Intentionally Love your Husband

1. Tell him you love him, and tell him often

2. Tell him why you love him. Give specific reasons and examples

3. Notice and call out the things you see him doing well/improving in -whether it be his work, his leadership, his patience, how he serves those around him, etc.

4. Always remember to be thankful for him and his presence in your life

5. Ask his advice, and then truly listen to it. Let him know how much you value his opinion and input


6. Let him pick the movie, meal, activity, etc. Don’t just love him selflessly in the big things -do it in the little things too

7. Let him open doors for you and serve you, even when you can do it yourself

8. Hug him, hold his hand, kiss him often

9. Cook him his favorite foods just because

10. Leave cute notes for him on the bathroom mirror, in his car, etc.

11. Give up the need to always be right

12. Surprise him with meaningful gifts

13. Ask him how you can be a better helper to him, and then actually listen to what he says

14. Send him a text message while you’re apart, letting him know that you’re thinking about him

15. Always pause to greet him when he comes home

16. Dress up and take him on a spontaneous date night

17. Ask him about his day

18. When a little issue comes up, address it with him right away (before it can become a big issue).

19. Write him letters

20. Pray for him and over him

21. Go on adventures with him

22. Get goofy with him

23. Support his dreams

24. Use your words to build him up; not to tear him down

25. Laugh with him. Laugh a lot.

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  • Michael Martin Shea

    Written on Jan 28


    Love this! Y’all brighten my day.

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